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Koala Hospital Port Macquarie

The Koala Hospital Port Macquarie was established 1973 and is a research, training, and education center in Port Macquarie. The hospital is a popular tourist attraction and visitors get to experience interacting with cute koalas and other animals. Admission is free when visiting the facility.

Koalas are taken in by the hospital and supervised by a few employees, like a clinic vet. However, the work is carried out by 175 volunteers.

Koala In Hospital

Koalas are the focus of Koala Conservation Australia. They want to not just save, but help koalas in the wild by educating others and creating partnerships. They do this with the knowledge they gain working at their Koala Hospital.


The members of The Koala Hospital Management Committee are volunteers who oversee the organisation and plan for future directions. Most committee members hold a coordinating role or serve in an advisory capacity. Other important tasks such as koala care, rescues, the 24 hr rescue telephone line, home care, tree planting, plantation care, Hospital maintenance and fundraising are done by dedicated volunteers without whom the Hospital would not be able to stay open.


The hospital has exhibit enclosures, a treatment center, intensive care units and rehabilitation yards. They also have a Koalaseum museum that provides information on koala evolution and biology, and is interactive as well.

Entry is free but you should consider donating to the Koala Hospital Port Macquarie.

Once you’re done why not learn even more by experiencing the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail.

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