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Tacking Point Lighthouse – 3 Reasons To Visit

One of the most well known landmarks in Port Macquarie is the Tacking Point Lighthouse. It stands majestically on a rocky headland about 8 kilometres south of Port Macquarie.


Tacking Point Lighthouse is located in Port Macquarie, Australia. The lighthouse was built in 1879 and is one of the oldest lighthouses in Australia.

It was originally built to help ships navigate the dangerous coastline around Port Macquarie.


The lighthouse was designed by Colonial architect James Barnett and built by Shepherd and Joseph William Mortley in 1879.

Prior to being built more than 20 ships came to grief off the headland due to the lack of lights.

Tacking Point was named by explorer Matthew Flinders in 1802 during his 1802–1803 circumnavigation of Australia.

Tacking Point Lighthouse is a great place to visit if you are interested in Australian history or if you just want to enjoy stunning views of the coastline.

1. Amazing views from Tacking Point Lighthouse

If you’re ever in Port Macquarie, make sure to stop by the Lighthouse. It’s one of the area’s most popular tourist attractions. And for good reason – the views from the lighthouse are amazing.

On a clear day, you can see for miles. It’s a sight you won’t soon forget.

2. The Lighthouse is a popular site for whale watching

Tacking Point Lighthouse is a popular site for whale watching during the annual migration of humpback whales and southern right whales.


Whale watching season is May through September.

The site offers panoramic views of Port Macquarie and the coastline.

It’s also a great spot for spotting surfers, dolphins and other marine life.

There is no public access to the lighthouse itself, but visitors can take a stroll around its base for a full 360 degree experience.

3. Indigenous significance of Tacking Point

The land on which Tacking Point Lighthouse stands is of high Aboriginal historical and contemporary cultural significance for the Birpai Local Aboriginal Land Council.

The view also looks out to the Three Brothers Mountains, a place of spiritual importance to the local Birpai Aboriginal people.

Getting there

The Tacking Point Lighthouse is situated on the coast of Port Macquarie, about a 3.5 hour drive north of Sydney. The best way to get there is by car, but you can also take a train or bus.

The lighthouse reserve is open all year.

Access via Lighthouse Road just south of Port Macquarie. You can park fairly close, but there are a few steps at the end to get right up to the lighthouse.

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