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The Breakwall at Port Macquarie

The Port Macquarie breakwall is an iconic part of our town with many tourists and locals walking the length of the wall every day. It’s a must do on your next visit.

Breakwall Art

The first thing you will notice about the southern breakwall are the painted rocks. They began as an art competition in 1995 (organised by the Port Macquarie City Lions Club), but are now a sort of outdoor gallery that anyone could add their own touch to. But be careful not to paint around the Town Green foreshore (west of the breakwall).

Hasting’s River plays a significant part in this iconic breakwall. The leading rock art on the walkway is mostly messages, tributes and memories of locals and visitors alike.


Built in 1904 to combat the destruction of boats crossing the bar, the southern breakwall was constructed. It was later followed by construction of the north wall in 1932. The construction was a massive undertaking and took nearly 40 years to complete


The dolphins playing in the river is amazing and so is getting to see sunrises and sunsets.


The Coastal Walk is nine kilometres long, coming from Town Green and terminating at Tacking Point Lighthouse.

This is a popular place for townspeople and visitors to relax on leisurely strolls of the shoreline and witness boats coming in over the bar of Town Beach. It is also a popular spot for people to chat with others while fishing.

There are many rocks along the path that one can sit on, and a cafe at one end of the Green. Nearby are picnic tables and toilets where one may find use for them. You will find bike and skateboard riders near these locations.


If you are looking for a place to stay, contact NRMA Port Macquarie Breakwall Holiday Park. It’s central location and proximity to the beach make it a great option for your vacation in Port Macquarie.

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