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Best Offshore Fishing Spots In Port Macquarie

Get your boat, bait and tackle ready. It’s time to find out where the best offshore fishing spots are in Port. Find out exactly where they are.

Port Macquarie, nestled on the beautiful mid north coastline, is a haven for fishing enthusiasts seeking thrilling offshore angling adventures. Its pristine waters are teeming with a diverse range of fish species, making it a premier destination for anglers of all levels. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best offshore fishing spots in Port Macquarie and the bountiful catches that await eager anglers.

Fish you might catch in Port Macquarie offshore waters

  1. Snapper (Pagrus auratus)
  2. Bream (Acanthopagrus spp.)
  3. Flathead (Platycephalidae family)
  4. Tailor (Pomatomus saltatrix)
  5. Mulloway (Argyrosomus japonicus)
  6. Kingfish (Seriola lalandi)
  7. Whiting (Sillaginidae family)
  8. Tuna species (such as Yellowfin tuna and Albacore tuna)
  9. Marlin species (such as Blue marlin and Striped marlin)
  10. Shark species (such as Great white shark and Bull shark)
  11. Australian Salmon (Arripis trutta)
  12. Morwong species (such as Blue Morwong and Red Morwong)

Offshore Locations

Here are some of the top offshore fishing spots…


Artificial Reef

The Artificial Reef (established 2016) is a little over 6km north-east of the Hastings River river entrance. It consists of 20 concrete modules deployed in random clusters. Each module is 6.5 metres high. 5 of the modules have additional steel towers increasing their height to 9 metres.

Co-ordinates: 31°25.044′ S (Latitude), 152°58.950’E (Longitude)

Species found: Kingfish, Samson fish, Amberjack, Trevally, Pearl perch, Bar Cod, Snapper Mulloway & Morwong

Some great underwater footage of the artificial reef off Port Macquarie


A Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) is a man-made tethered Buoy placed in the open ocean with the primary function of aggregating pelagic fish like dolphin fish (mahi-mahi). FADs are placed between Spring and Autumn with Winter being removed for maintenance.

The Port Macquarie FAD features as the furthest spot out from the coast, located over 8 nautical miles (NM) north-east of the Hastings River river entrance.

Co-ordinates: 31°24.567′ S (Latitude), 152°4.567’E (Longitude)

Species found: Marlin, Tuna and Mahi-Mahi (Dolphin Fish)

Fishing the Port Macquarie FAD can land you some great fish

Flathead Fishing Grounds

This spot is usually teeming with Flathead – some big ones too. They bite fast and often. If you’ve had no luck in any of the other spots then here is the place to be. You’re almost always assured of pulling in a nice Flathead.

Co-ordinates: 31°25.990′ S (Latitude), 152°57.523’E (Longitude)

Species found: Flathead

Off Lighthouse

Fishing south of the Lighthouse you’ll often find some good reefs holding kingfish, teraglin and pearl perch. Try your luck around sixty to eighty metres of water using a paternoster rig with squid or live bait. 

Co-ordinates: 31°28.427′ S (Latitude), 152°58.008’E (Longitude)


Species found: Kingfish, Snapper. Pearl Perch

Trag Rock

Fishing north around Point Plomer has some of the best snapper fishing inshore around the thirty to forty metres of water for large snapper on plastics or soft vibes. If you want to head out wider you’ll often find ‘Trag Rock’ the best spot for kingfish, pearl perch and mulloway. Try your luck using a slow pitch jig out wider for pearl perch and kingfish

Co-ordinates: 31°19.564′ S (Latitude), 153°03.123’E (Longitude)

Species found: Kingfish, Pearl Perch, Mulloway, Snapper

Port Macquarie, with its breathtaking coastal scenery and abundant marine life, is a dream come true for every offshore fishing enthusiast. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice looking for an unforgettable experience, the variety of fishing spots in this region caters to all. Remember to abide by fishing regulations and practice responsible angling to preserve the natural beauty and marine biodiversity for future generations.

Extreme Game Fishing

If you’re into some extreme game fishing, Port Macquarie is very popular for pelagic fishing. Head out wide to the Port Macquarie Ridge, Plomer Canyons and Hat Head Canyons and troll lures for blue marlin, striped marlin, wahoo, mahi mahi and tuna.

Where to catch live bait

About 500metres off north shore you can catch slimeys and Yakkas off the reef, which most consider the best live bait to land the bigger fish.

Co-ordinates: 31°24.419′ S (Latitude), 152°55.385’E (Longitude)

Species found: Slimey Mackerel, Yellowtail

Take care out there!

Remember, crossing coastal bars by boat can be dangerous. So make sure you have the latest information of weather conditions and ocean tides. And ALWAYS wear a life jacket. The best heading is closer to the northern breakwall to cross the Port Macquarie Coastal Bar. You can also check conditions on the live webcam prior to heading out.

And finally, remember to LOG IN with Marine Rescue Port Macquarie. Their job is to keep you safe.

So, grab your fishing gear, chart your course, and immerse yourself in the joy of offshore fishing in one of Australia’s most spectacular destinations. Happy fishing!

Thanks to Kate Shelton of Bay Explorer Marine Services for contributing to this post.

We’ll keep this page up to date regularly to ensure accuracy of information. The way we do this is based on Feedback from you – the reader. Our goal is to bring you the best Port Macquarie has to offer. We also love to read your comments on Facebook and Twitter (X), so be sure to follow Port Now over there and stay up to date.

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