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Port Macquarie Markets – The Definitive Guide

Port Macquarie is renowned for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, and also for its thriving market scene. With a variety of markets offering everything from fresh produce to handcrafted treasures, the Port Macquarie markets scene is a treasure trove for locals and visitors alike. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the must-visit markets that make up the heart and soul of Port Macquarie’s shopping experience.

List of markets in and around Port Macquarie

  • Real Food Markets
  • The Foreshore Markets
  • The Local Beachside Market
  • Port Macquarie Uniting Church Markets
  • Kendall Showgrounds Markets
  • Sunrise Campus Markets
  • Port Macquarie Art Society Market Bazaar
  • Grown and Gathered Markets Pappinbarra
  • Kundabung Poultry and Farmers Market
  • Johns River Community Hall and Country Markets
  • Laurieton Riverwalk Markets
  • Wauchope Farmers Markets
  • The Artist markets

Port Macquarie Markets Calendar

This calendar makes it super easy to schedule your next market excursion. Simply tap or click on the calendar link and it automatically stores on your smart device. It’ll even give you directions – pretty cool! You can also find other events in our ultimate What’s On guide.

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Real Food Markets

Kicking off our Port Macquarie Markets list is the Real Food Markets, a haven for food enthusiasts. Held regularly, these markets feature an array of fresh, locally-sourced produce, including fruits, vegetables, meats, and artisanal products. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with local growers and producers while enjoying the freshest ingredients the region has to offer.

The Port Macquarie Foreshore Markets

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Hastings River, The Foreshore Markets offer a delightful mix of handmade crafts, vintage treasures, clothing, and delectable treats. The serene atmosphere combined with the variety of stalls makes it a perfect Sunday morning destination for both locals and tourists.

The Local Beachside Market

The Local Beachside Market is a captivating fusion of vibrant artistry and delectable culinary wonders. This eclectic market is a curated haven, uniting the talents of local artisans and artists, while also showcasing a tantalising array of farm-fresh produce and exquisite fine food products. As you meander through this seaside by the beach, you’ll be immersed in a symphony of colours, flavours, and talents that encapsulate the essence of Port Macquarie.

Port Macquarie Uniting Church Markets

A blend of traditional and contemporary offerings awaits you at the Port Macquarie Uniting Church Markets. With a focus on supporting local charities and community projects, these markets feature a diverse range of stalls, including second-hand goods, homemade crafts, and delectable baked goods.

Kendall Showgrounds Markets

For a taste of rural charm, head to the Kendall Showgrounds Markets. These markets showcase the region’s agricultural heritage, offering fresh produce, plants, handmade crafts, and more. The warm and welcoming atmosphere reflects the tight-knit community spirit of the area.

Sunrise Campus Markets

Held at the North Coast Institute of TAFE’s Port Macquarie campus, the Sunrise Campus Markets provide a platform for budding artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their creations. From unique fashion pieces to innovative artworks, you’ll discover a world of creativity and inspiration.


Port Macquarie Art Society Market Bazaar

Art enthusiasts rejoice! The Port Macquarie Art Society Market Bazaar is a haven for local artists and craftsmen to exhibit their creations. From paintings and sculptures to jewelry and pottery, you’ll find an exquisite range of handcrafted pieces that reflect the region’s artistic prowess.

Grown and Gathered Markets Pappinbarra

For a truly authentic farm-to-table experience, the Grown and Gathered Markets in Pappinbarra are a must-visit. These markets emphasize sustainable practices and showcase a selection of locally-grown produce, homemade preserves, and unique artisanal products.

Kundabung Poultry and Farmers Market

Embracing the rural charm of the area, the Kundabung Poultry and Farmers Market offers a delightful array of farm-fresh eggs, meats, plants, and handmade crafts. It’s an ideal spot to connect with local farmers and learn more about sustainable farming practices.

Johns River Community Hall and Country Markets

Nestled in the heart of the countryside, the Johns River Community Hall and Country Markets exude a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. These markets feature a variety of goods, from fresh produce to homemade jams, fostering a sense of community that’s hard to resist.

Laurieton Riverwalk Markets

Set along the scenic waterfront, the Laurieton Riverwalk Markets are a visual treat for visitors. Stroll along the promenade as you explore an assortment of stalls offering unique clothing, accessories, and gourmet treats. The tranquil ambiance adds to the charm of this market experience.

Wauchope Farmers Markets

The Wauchope Farmers Markets celebrate the region’s agricultural heritage by offering an impressive selection of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and baked goods. It’s a fantastic opportunity to stock up on locally-sourced ingredients and indulge in some of the finest flavors the area has to offer.

The Artist Markets

Last but certainly not least, The Artist Markets provide a platform for local artisans to showcase their creativity. From intricate jewelry to hand-painted ceramics, these markets are a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind pieces that make for exceptional souvenirs and gifts.

The Port Macquarie market scene is a vibrant tapestry of local culture, art, and community spirit. Whether you’re a food lover, art enthusiast, or simply seeking unique finds, the twelve markets on our definitive list offer an immersive and enriching experience. From fresh produce and handcrafted treasures to inspiring artworks and delicious treats, these markets are a testament to the region’s diversity and creativity. So, the next time you find yourself in Port Macquarie, be sure to explore these markets and immerse yourself in the local charm and flair that they offer.

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