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Staying Active In Port Macquarie Through Winter

As winter Dawns upon us we lose our daylight and often the chance to really enjoy Port Macquarie for all that it has to offer. Many of us shy away from all the water sports and time in the Ocean which is one of the best attractions for this popular town. It’s important though for your physical, mental and social health to stay active and keep your fitness up to get the most out of your everyday and longevity. So, we thought we would put together a list of some of the best ways to stay active and enjoy Port Macquarie through the colder months so you can stay fit, healthy and active.

Outdoor gyms

The coastal walk offers a series of 3 outdoor gyms suitable for a range of fitness levels and experiences.

From the easier push-up, dip and sit-up bars down at Oxley town beach- The more difficult monkey bars and row bars setup over the top of Rocky beach- To the most challenging chin up bars on the top of windmill hill. This progression of outdoor gyms is easily accessible and can provide a comprehensive workout for anyone who loves a workout with a view and to workout with the wind through your hair.


To make this option even better it is completely free, accessible and open to anyone.

Home exercise

When the colder months come a lot of people like to go into hibernation mode so working out anywhere but at home seems out of reach. With technology the way it is now there are myriad of options for you to stay active at home and still have a bit of guidance while you do it.

Why not look through YouTube for a yoga or pilates class to follow? Not only are they free, they are a great way to get the body moving even if you’re feeling flat from the cooler weather. If you’re not into either of these, there are plenty of other options like 12-week programs, body weight exercise or even plyometrics. With so many options its best to set yourself goals and challenge yourself so that you stay interested and motivated to stick with it.

Indoor gyms

If the cold is too much for you or you have to fit in exercise when its dark after your work hours then the indoor gyms are the best option for you. Check out Port Macquarie Gyms – 5 great places to workout to find out some of your options and what works best for you.

With over 10 gyms around the Port Macquarie area there are plenty of options for all individuals and experience levels. There are individual personal training classes, group fitness classes or take it solo and coordinate your own workout that works for you.

For women there is the women’s gym Mrs motivator, for the Cross fitters out there we have CrossFit 2444, the all rounders might find YourLife an inviting place to workout or you may find Genesis or Anytime fitness more your style with all your general weights equipment.


Parkrun is a community run event that happens year-round in Port Macquarie. Sometimes up to 300 individuals from all walks of life and fitness levels gather at Town Beach to run or walk the 5km loop setup to town green and back.
For many this is a community outing where you can have a chat, catch up on the week and go for a coffee afterwards with your friends. For others this is a chance to get the legs rolling over after a long week and get the weekend started off on a high. For a few as well the Parkrun offers an opportunity to get their legs moving in a race environment where they can view their training progression and how they are looking for many of the upcoming marathons and half marathons that are offered around the mid north coast and greater Sydney regions.

  • Where – Town beach (starting near the skate park)
  • When – Saturday Mornings 7:00am
  • Distance – 5km
  • Cost – Free

Walking and bushwalking

It is never a bad time of year to go for a walk in Port Macquarie. With the cooler whether you can walk further without becoming dehydrated by that summer heat and humidity. Port Macquarie offers many different levels of walking for all health and fitness levels.

The port Macquarie break wall is a flat and easy 2.5km return walk suitable for all accessibilities, fitness levels and ages. It is a flat walk from town beach to Town green and can be walked or ridden for those with little ones in tow. To make the walk all the more entertaining take in the rock art which many tourists and locals do every year to bring some colour and memories to the break wall.


Want somewhere quieter to walk? Perfect, you can walk from settlement point ferry along the river and take in views of the beautiful hastings river and the mountain ranges of our beautiful hinterland. The walk starts along the side of the road on grass, once you get farther up toward the canals there are footpaths which loop around some of the beautiful river estates.

After a challenge? The coastal walk from town beach to lighthouse beach is a challenging walk for all fitness levels. Either walk the one-way 9km or the return 18km for a challenging full day outing. The walk can be broken into more bitesize portions with many carparks and rest stops along the way. Be sure to take your water, wear good enclosed shoes and take in the sites.

The Coastal walk is also a beautiful place to keep one eye on the Ocean this time of year as the whales are heading North on their Winter migration and you might be lucky enough to see one breaching in close!


Home to the Ironman Australia event Port Macquarie boasts some of the best cycling routes around the area. Take on the hills of Pacific Avenue and Mathew flinders drive as you wind your way along the beautiful coastal drive and take in the sights over the lighthouse and beaches.
If you want a flat more undulating ride the roads from Port Macquarie to Lake Cathie, make for a good return ride of 25km. The road traverses through beautiful coastal heathland and waterways making for plenty to take in and an easy loop for those with a bit of experience on the open road.

If you’re after a more bush oriented biking experience Port Macquarie also offers some amazing mountain bike and trail bike trails. You can cycle the Googik trail for an easy undulating loop through melaleuca and ribbon gum forest, the trail traverses a 2km one-way trail making for an easy 4km return ride.

A good place to take the kids for a ride is Wayne Richards Park. This park offers a series of either mountain bike tracks through the nearby mountain, as well as a tarred pump track to test out some of your skills.

The more experienced riders might like to journey out to Jollynose mountain bike park which offers a progression of trails for all riders, From the easy 2km Kiddy loop, to the more experienced 10 and 20km cross country loops to the downhill and flow trails for all the risk takers out there. Jolly nose offers riding options for anyone through the state forest so be sure to keep an eye out for any potential wildlife you may come across!

Water sports

It may be questionable to some but many people around port still love their water sports through winter. As the town pool closes for 6 weeks from June till September many Port locals brave the cold water and take the opportunity to enjoy the calmer conditions in the Ocean. The best beaches for swimming are Shelly beach with a big rock pool protecting you from any oncoming waves. Otherwise, you may find people swimming at Flynn’s or town beach of a morning.

Not a fan of being in the winter water? You might find paddling a more of an enjoyable experience with the calmer conditions and lighter winds it makes the ocean and the river great places to take out the Kayak or the paddleboard and explore the water from above- just watch out for the dolphins that might come follow you!

So, there we are, 7 ways to stay active in Port Macquarie through winter for all levels of health, fitness and ages. This isn’t an exhaustive list as there are countless walks, rides, gyms and events that keep the Port Macquarie community fit, healthy and thriving through the winter months.

If something is hindering your health and fitness journey such as pain or injury, there are many health services which can help you get back out and firing at your best. Total Balance Osteopathy & Natural Therapies on Clarence Street is an Osteopathy and Remedial Massage service for the Port Macquarie region and offers a personalised service for all individuals to get you back to doing the things you love and helps manage ongoing chronic pain conditions. Why not check them out to get your body moving the way you want it to!

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