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Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Have you heard about the totally awesome Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail? Picture this: a fantastic community arts project that kicked off its journey back in 2014. And guess what? It’s not just any project – it’s a meet-and-greet extravaganza! Whenever a fresh face arrives on the scene, you can bet your eucalyptus leaves that a new koala friend is ready to say “G’day!”

Port Macquarie is a great place to celebrate Koalas. With one of the world’s largest populations, it should come as no surprise.

Along the trail there are over eighty Koalas. This number is growing and will continue to do so. Every Hello Koalas sculpture features environmental, wellbeing, heritage or cultural designs. Most are around one-metre tall but The Big Koala is massive!


Sculptures are scattered across Port Macquarie, from the mountains to the sea. Most sculptures are found in Port Macquarie, but visitors can find some as far south as Newcastle and Coffs Harbour to the north.

It’s become so popular that other areas around the state are getting involved too!

But these aren’t just any sculptures. Nope, each and every Hello Koalas creation is like a work of art with a heart. You see, these koala masterpieces shine a light on stuff like the environment, keeping our well-being in check, celebrating our heritage, and giving a nod to various cultures. How cool is that?


Wondering what to do this weekend? Pack the family in the car and refer to the maps below. Head out and discover this fun and friendly community arts project next weekend.

Hello Koalas Locations

You can download and print a fun map from the Hello Koalas website. You can also plot your trip below using this handy interactive map.

Kenny Koala, Granny Square, Princess Lasiandra, StarrySoul, Retro Rita and Laurie are currently off the Trail for Beauty Treatment.

Coming Soon

New sculptures have been commissioned for the Sculpture Trail. Be sure to check for updates.

We’ll also keep this page up to date to ensure accuracy of information.

Our goal is to bring you the best Port Macquarie has to offer. We also love to read your comments on Facebook and Twitter (X), so be sure to follow Port Now over there and stay up to date.

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