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Flynns Beach: A Local Favourite

Find out why Flynns Beach is arguably the most popular beach in Port Macquarie.

Flynns Beach is great for surfers and has a nearby surf club that serves meals. The location provides protection against wind gusts, making it an ideal leisure spot for surfers.

The redeveloped Flynns Beach features a number of upgrades. It includes the surf club, picnic and BBQ facilities as well as a children’s playground. It has also been linked to the greater nine kilometre Port Macquarie coastal walkway.

The beach was chosen as the surf club site because it has parking, space for a park, and easy access. It is also a 500 meter stretch with less rocks and more sand that gets slight protection from Nobby Head which leads to an east-northeast orientation.


What are the surf conditions like?

Waves average 1.4 meters, and there are three permanent rips: two to the north against the headland and rock, one on the south against the rocks. The third rip is in between going across the central bar when waves are high. Outside of that, there is a trough and outer bar with their own rips at either end.

Flynn’s Beach surf patrol

In 1910, the Surf Bathing Club was formed by members of the 48th Foot Regiment at Port Macquarie. In 1950, Port Macquarie surf club obtained a Miners Right on Flynns Beach to keep others from mining the beach for heavy mineral sands.


Swim between the flags

You should stay between the flags and avoid going near the rocks because they are dominant at the south end.

A popular location for surfers because of it’s nearby parking, ease of access and surf breaks. This spot works best with moderate to large east and southeast swells and southernly winds blowing offshore.

A great fishing spot

There are natural borders amongst the rocks at each end. These are traditionally used for fishing: rock and beach.

Where to stay in Flynns Beach, Port Macquarie

Flynns Beach has Holidays throughout all budget ranges. Flynns Beach Resort is among the most well known, but there are other options. It’s recommended you book in early so you don’t miss out.

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