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Sea Acres Rainforest Center

The Sea Acres Rainforest Center educates the public about environmental issues through different exhibitions.

What is the Sea Acres National Park?

The Sea Acres National Park is a 76-hectare national park in New South Wales, Australia. It’s popular for its boardwalk through tropical plants and trees.

Indigenous significance

The Birpai People appreciated the rainforest. It was a rich resource. They used the Python tree from the forest to make weapons and used the Walking Stick palm as – you guessed it!


Enjoy a walk on the boardwalk at Sea Acres Rainforest Centre

You can choose to have a guided tour of the Rainforest or walk on your own. Either way, it’s enjoyable and an easy walk through the rainforest canopy.

Find out about the menu at this Rainforest Café

A café close to the Port Macquarie CBD is the perfect place for a relaxing dinner, located in a serene environment amongst natural greenery.

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