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Gaol Point Lookout

The Gaol Point lookout provides views over Town beach and out to the mouth of the river.

It’s possible to see fish jumping, as well as occasional dolphins, from here. The graffiti rocks near the breakwall provide a nice foreground.

Beach goers in Port Macquarie love Town Beach and find that it’s near the center of town, patrolled for most of the year, and with modern facilities. There’s a carpark as well near the entrance to the beach – 600 metres long and curving in between headlands which are capped by the 15-metre high Pilots flagstaff.


Watch boats crossing the bar

Many people enjoy watching the boats crossing the bar. However, if you are feeling lazy, you can also see them from where you are; via the Port Macquarie coastal bar webcam.

Watching surfers from the Gaol Point Lookout

Town Beach, a popular spot for surfing due to the bars and protection from the south, is an ideal location for surfing larger swells. Inside the breakwater is a place called Flagstaff; it breaks over a sand bar during larger south swells.

Are you hungry?

The kiosk and Marine Rescue Port Macquarie Radio Base, located near to the coast, is on the mend after being damaged by fire. Grab a bite to eat while you are there and support the local community.

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